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Recent Test and Measurement Projects :

Test and measurement devices is a regular part of our business. This ranges from portable test equipment, sensors and measuring devices design to be integrated into other products and even laboratory test equipment. Here is a selection of our recent projects for sensors, portable testers and laboratory test equipment.

Contamination Monitor for Hydraulic Fluid

Contamination Monitor for hydraulic fluid :

This sensor uses laser based technology with an ARM7 processor to measure the contamination levels in hydraulic fluid. The sensor reports the contamination levels to several international standards including SAE NAS1638 and ISO4406:1999, and allows the user to set alarm trigger levels. The sensor can be calibrated with either ACFTD or MTD and is sold world wide.

The size of each particle of contamination is measured as it passes the laser. The number of particles of different sizes are counted over a user defined measurement period, with outputs and the display being updated every second. The sensor is designed to be used in-line with hydraulic pressures up to 420 bar.

There are a number of optional interfaces including 4-20ma, 0-5 volts, SAE J1939, RS232 and a no volt alarm contact. The user has a choice of both a simple LED an a more feature rich digital display as factory fitted options. The sensor is configured via RS232.

Laboratory Bottle Sampler

Laboratory Bottle Sampler :

This laboratory bottle sampler can also be used in the field using a built in battery and air compressor. The users controls the bottle sampler using a colour touch screen. This allows the test parameters to be easily adjusted. The results are shown on the screen but can also be printed on the built in printer and written to a USB memory stick and transfer to a PC for use by common office applications.

We developed the user interface using Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework running on an PXA270 processor. Control of the pneumatic valves, syringe pump, air compressor and dip-tube lift motor was written in C since the .NET is not deterministic, with the user interface, printing, and saving of test results written in C#.net. This is a multi-threaded application, as are nearly all our developments.

This was our first experience using WinCE and we are impressed with how well it is suited for this type of equipment, that has a rich user interface.

Production Line Tester electronics throttles

Throttle Tester :

We were asked to design and build a tester for Electronic Throttles. The aim was not only to reduce the testing time on the factory floor, but also to increase the accuracy of the tests.

The tester measures the voltages from the resistive sensor, and "off idle" switch 8,500 times per second, allowing the characteristics of the electronic throttle to be measured accurately and compared with detailed pass criteria. The tester gives the production line operator a simple PASS / FAIL indication, but, also prints full diagnostic information to allow engineers to fault find and repair the throttle should it fail the test.

The PASS label with the throttle's serial number is printed automatically by the tester. And full details of the tests stored in a database for quality records, and subsequent analysis.

The factory's production engineer is to configure the testing process and the PASS/FAIL criteria as new throttle types become available.

Optinal interface and display boards

Optional interface modules for online senor :

After the successful launch of a online senor, our customer wanted to add a number of optional display and output interfaces. Working with their preferred electronics design houses, we enhancements the embedded software to use the new option boards.

The software automatically detects which option I/O boards are fitted so that it automatically configures itself to use the available interfaces. This eliminated the need for production to configure the device to use the fitted PCBs.

PWM tester for a factory production line

Production line PWM Tester :

We developed a production line tester that measured the frequency, voltage and mark/space ratio of a PWM signal. The tester is used at the end of the production line to make adjustments to the device and to ensure that all the parameters are within the limits defined by their engineers.

The tester is configurable so that the factories production engineer can set the permitted values for each model that they manufacture. The operator has a clear Pass/Fail indication.

GSM interface for a remote tester

GSM remote interface :

We developed a GSM interface for a measuring device that allows field engineers to remotely access the sensor, make measurements and change the configuration.

The measuring device takes regular measurements and sends an SMS text message to alert the field engineer should alarm conditions be reached.

This allows the engineer to know the state of the equipment being monitored without costly site visits.

Hand held control panel

Handle held control panel :

We added a local hot pluggable handset to a tester originally designed for remote computer control only.

The tester can now be controlled form a computer, a hand held LCD handset or a combination of both. The test is a C166 based measurement device intended for OEMs to build into their own products, to control pumps and filters based on contamination levels.

We developed the embedded software for the original product, and with this hot plug-able handset our customer has been able to extend the market for their product, and win some substantial new orders.

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