Useful embedded software design links

Website Links:
Here are a few of the sites around the web related to embedded software design and the development of embedded systems that you might be of interest to you.

Phaedrus Systems Ltd
Phaedrus Systems is a supplier of embedded system development tools, and the author of articles of interest about embedded system design.

A resource for people using ARM7 and ARM9 processors. - The Official Site of the Embedded Development Community
Useful articles about embedded system design.

ESE - Embedded System Engineering
Publisher of the Embedded System Engineers trade magazine and host of the UK's largest embedded system trade show.

Wikipedia page on the ARM architecture
History of the ARM architecture and useful links on Wikipedia.

MISRA-C - Official Website
MISRA-C - software development guidelines for safety related systems that has been defined by: "The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association" and is now widely used as a bench mark for high quality embedded C software.

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