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Our experience developing a range of precision testers allows us to easily develop laboratory test equipment.

Laboratory Bottle Sampler

Laboratory Bottle Sampler :

This laboratory bottle sampler can also be used in the field using a built in battery and air compressor. The users controls the bottle sampler using a colour touch screen. This allows the test parameters to be easily adjusted. The results are shown on the screen but can also be printed on the built in printer and written to a USB memory stick and transfer to a PC for use by common office applications.

We developed the user interface using Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework running on a PXA270 processor. Control of the pneumatic valves, syringe pump, air compressor and dip-tube lift motor was written in C since the .NET Compact Framework is not deterministic.

This was our first experience using WinCE for development and we are impressed with how well it is suited for this type of equipment with its rich user interface.

PDA used for testing user interface

PDA used for software testing and demonstration :

A big advantage to using windows CE for the user interface, is that the user interface can be demonstrated and tested using a standard PDA.

By using well structured software we allowed the main user application to run on a standard PDA without requiring the dedicated hardware. We added a simulated for the actual test results. This was a real boom for testing since much of the software could be tested on a PDA, allowing people without the prototype hardware to test the software, and allowing software to be developed and tested before the working hardware was available.

Because of timescale on this project, we sub-contracted some of the development, and again this could be done without needed to supply our sub-contractor with prototype hardware, which gave us greater flexibility.

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