Recent embedded system design projects done by Eden Electronics

Recent Bespoke Tester Projects :

We have developed a number of bespoke testers. We have made testers for use on factory production lines to simplify the adjustments and to perform the final quality testing to ensure the product leaves the factory conforming to the required specification.

We have also often added facilities to existing test equipment and sensors to suite specific end users, often allowing our customer's to win significant extra orders for their products.

Throttle Tester for use on a production line

Throttle Tester :

We were asked to design and build a tester for Electronic Throttles. The aim was not only to reduce the testing time on the factory floor, but also to increase the accuracy of the tests.

The tester measures the voltages from the resistive sensor, and "off idle" switch 8,500 times per second, allowing the characteristics of the electronic throttle to be measured accurately and compared with detailed pass criteria. The tester gives the production line operator a simple PASS / FAIL indication, but, also prints full diagnostic information to allow engineers to fault find and repair the throttle should it fail the test.

The PASS label with the throttle's serial number is printed automatically by the tester. And full details of the tests stored in a database for quality records, and subsequent analysis.

The factory's production engineer is to configure the testing process and the PASS/FAIL criteria as new throttle types become available.

PWM Sensor test eqipment for us ona production line

Production line PWM Tester :

We developed a production line tester that measured the frequency, voltage and mark/space ratio of a PWM signal. The tester is used at the end of the production line to make adjustments to the device and to ensure that all the parameters are within the limits defined by their engineers. The tester is configurable so that the factories production engineer can set the permitted values for each model that they manufacture. The operator has a clear Pass/Fail indication.

Portable Test equipoment with embedded software

Portable tester tailored for specific customer's requirement :

A chance for one of our customer's to win a multi million pound contract depended on being able to modify one of their "off the shelf" testers, to support different channel sizes and a new reporting standard.

This required us to implement a the new reporting standard, but also to modify the existing display software to accommodate the hardware change required. A few components on the PCB also required a change in value to accommodate the new channel sizes required.

Hadn Held control pannel for portbale test equipment

Handle held control panel :

We added a local hot pluggable handset to a tester originally designed for remote computer control only.

The tester can now be controlled form a computer, a hand held LCD handset or a combination of both. The test is a C166 based measurement device intended for OEMs to build into their own products, to control pumps and filters based on contamination levels.

We developed the embedded software for the original product, and with this hot plug-able handset our customer has been able to extend the market for their product, and win some substantial new orders.

OEM Test equipment with embedded software

Special OEM facilities :

The developer of ground based equipment to service airplanes, approach one of our customers for a product to integrate into their support equipment. After a successful trial of their off the shelf tester they required a tailored version that provided OEM facilities that were unique to them.

They also needed to be able to restrict the configuration of the tester so that end users could only use it in the way configured by them. We added the required features including the ability for the OEM to "lock" the configuration, so that the end user could only use the their equipment as intended.

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