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Recent PC Software Projects :

We develop PC software to complement the embedded software that we specialise in. This can greatly increase the usability of sensors. By developing both the embedded software in the sensor or test equipment and also the PC software to communicate with it we simplify the process for our customers. Having designed the embedded software we understand the target device and how it is intended to be used, so it is natural for us to write the PC software as well. We often enhance products for our customers to help them stay competitive and maintain their market share, and so the enhancement of the product itself and the PC software to complement it are all done through one contract with us. This makes the process of implementing enhancements simper for our customers.

One of our customers found that the company they used to write their PC software were often interested in the original project, but not adding small changes to match enhancements to the embedded device, where as for us it is all part of the overall project.

Setup utility for an embeded sensor to complement the embedded software

Device configuration / setup tool :

The end user's out of the box experience can be greatly enhanced using a PC based point and click configuration tool. Having developed the embedded software and the command protocol, we are in the ideal position to also develop the PC software to configure the device. We use an experienced PC programmer who also understand the needs of communicating with embedded systems.

Our customer ships this setup tool with their product on a CD, which allows the end user to configure their device without reading the manual. The software is designed to be able to work on most versions of Windows including Vista and will run straight from the CD without requiring installation.

Data logging software for embedded sensors

Data Logging Software :

One of our customers asked us to develop PC based logging software to compliment one of their sensors. We developed a PC application that can connect to more than one sensor connected to the same PC. This gives the user a choice of real time displays showing the current level for each of four channels and also indication the alarm set point for each channel.

The software can be configured to be a passive monitor or to actively poll for data at a user configured interval. In addition to the real time displays, there is a trend view showing a measurement history in a graph/chart form. The results can also be logged and time stamped. The time stamped logs can be exported to text and comma separated files for use in other applications. There is also the ability to log to a database, with filtering and sorting options, to help the user identify the results of interest.

In addition the user can configure both visual and audible alarms driven from the alarm function set in the sensor connected. The Data logging software reads the configuration of the sensor when connect which makes the software simple to use and ensures that it is always correctly configured for the sensor connected.

Data download software for portable test equipment

Data Download Software :

One of our customers found that the company they used to write PC software to complement their range of portable testers would no longer make the small changes they needed as they introduced new variations to their product line.

We developed a new PC application, with a more modern look and feel, that supported the full range of product. Our software did not suffer the intermittent download failures that plagued the previous software and we managed to make the download speed eight times faster.

The new software displays the downloaded data in a spreadsheet style and allows this to be exported as native Microsoft excel files.

Terminal emulator to allow direct control of sesnors with embedded software

Terminal Emulator :

We developed a custom terminal emulator program for our own needs that including flexible time stamping and colouring of text sent and received, and other facilities we find useful when interacting with embedded sensors.

One of our customer saw this when we were supporting them during part of the testing of a new sensor and asked if they could use it too.

This then developed into a job to deliver a version tailored to their own devices, that would work on Windows Vista. They had always encourage their customers to use Hyper Terminal, but as this does not ship with Windows Vista, they needed software they could bundle with their testers and sensors that could be used instead. We created a tailored version, with their company branding and added support for multiple languages as their market is world wide.

The picture shows the application icon we used for our product. The version we wrote for our customer used their cooperate colour scheme, logo and contact details.

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